Brand Book in a Box, a template for Notion

$19.99 - $169.99

A template filled with information, systems, instructions and examples, all structured for you to easily create your brand book in  Notion. Learn more on the product page by clicking here

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Product Comparison in a Box, a template for Notion


A collection of 5 frameworks designed to facilitate the comparison of your product with competitors. From simple solution comparison tables to more complex options like competitor profiles, battle cards, or comparison matrices, you will find ample instructions and examples to help you find a solution that fits your product.

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Product Strategy in a box, a template for Notion

$14.99 - $19.99

A template designed to help you structure and formulate your product strategy.

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User Interviews & Findings Evaluation, a template for Notion


A meticulously designed to facilitate the structuring of user interviews and evaluating findings.

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User Journey Maps in a Box, for Notion

$7.99 - $19.99

A meticulously crafted template, filled with frameworks and examples, tailored to help you to create comprehensive user journey maps with ease in  Notion.

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